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The Greatest Wish

The Greatest Wish (An Everchanging Story): This one-of-a-kind children's book taps into the young reader's imagination in an entirely new way by asking the question, "If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? Would you fly like a bird or a rocket ship? Would you swim beneath the ocean, like a shark or an octopus?" With rhyming phrases moving the adventure forward, the reader is given opportunities to make simple decisions, which affects how the story unfolds. This results in creating a unique experience each time the book is read. Simple words are visually emphasized to help promote early reading development, comprehension and word recognition.

Ultimately, the story ends with a positive moral lesson that plants the seeds for confidence and self-acceptance in young readers.


-Reviewed by LitPick Student Book Review

"I love this book very much, and I am sure my buddies from Pre-K and Kinder who I read to at school will love it too. The size of the book and letters are perfect for reading, and the pictures are great. I just love it and can't wait to share."

-Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views

"Have you ever wished that you were a big, tough dinosaur or an awesome rocket ship soaring through the skies? Maybe you've dreamed of being a proud, beautiful peacock, or a graceful yet bold horse. Whatever your dream, this is a story just for people like you who want to be someone or something else ... " read full review

-Reviewed by Amy De Groot (age 13) for

"I found this story to be so much fun! Despite being older than its target audience, I read the story over and over again. Each time I made different choices to see what it would say next ..." read full review

-Reviewed by Cowboys1 (age 12) for

"The Greatest Wish is an intriguing story that can be read and re-read over and over again! Written in first person, the reader is taken on a journey of wishes ... " read full review

-Reviewed by Moseso (age 13) for

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The Greatest Wish
ISBN-13: 9781631778797
Publication Date: October 4, 2016
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